Comprehensive Review in Association With Rich Page


About a month ago I was contacted by Rich Page. We’ve struck up a conversation about conversion optimization and decided it was time to temporarily offer a joint conversion review service for higher-end clients.

Structured approach to CRO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is becoming more common in companies of all sizes. However, as noted in the aforementioned report: ‘Many companies are utilizing only a handful of optimization methods without a structured approach’. Given that such a structured approach is nearly twice as likely to lead to a large increase in sales, we felt it was time to make a change.

Why bigger companies need to step up

The lack of structure applies to companies of all sizes alike. However, while smaller companies might be getting away with this (for the time being) the pressure is rising for bigger companies to step up. After all, with competitors that have deep pockets and well-funded startups that are willing to take risks, you can bet your money on it that many of them will be taking their user experience to the next level shortly.

Comprehensive review

rich page In order to help these bigger companies hit the ground running Rich Page and I set up a Comprehensive Review service.

The elements contained in this review are based upon our own successful reviews, while of course tuned intensely to fit the needs of bigger clients. This was done because their needs differ significantly from smaller clients on a lot of fronts such as resources and scale.

What’s included

Included in the review are 10 high-impact deliverables, which are most notably:

  • Full web analytics conversion insights and audit
  • Visual analysis of your visitor’s website journey
  • 2 hour live website review with Rich and Theo
  • In-depth feedback from your website visitors
  • 20 A/B test ideas prioritized for highest impact

This offer is available for a limited time only.

Interested in significantly increasing your sales? Learn more about the comprehensive review.

Theo van der Zee

Author: Theo van der Zee

He is the founder of ConversionReview. He has been building and optimizing websites for 15+ years now, and doing so with great success.

On top of his digital skills, Theo is also a trained psychologist and frequent speaker at events around the world.