Emerce Conversion 2015 - Keynotes, Tweets, Photos

Emerce conversion

During a one-day event hosted in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Emerce Conversion delivers an overview of everything that is happening in the field of digital conversion optimization.

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Throughout the day several keynotes were held by leading experts in the conversion optimization field. Due to any reasons - such as another great talk in the same time slot - some of the valuable information might have slipped your mind. Refresh your memory with the data below.

De mythen, leugens en illusies van A/B testen (Ton Wesseling)

Ton Wesseling


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Key takeaways:
  • Many winning tests can’t be identified because of low traffic
  • Don’t run your test too long, visitors delete their cookies
  • Don’t stop tests when they’re significant, use fixed lengths
  • Use the ROAR model, test that fit your organizational phase
  • If you don’t have enough traffic, don’t do A/B testing

De ultieme conversie toolkit (David Darmanin)

David Darmanin


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Key takeaways:
  • Use qualitative data to find out what your visitors want
  • Google Analytics is a great source of qualitative data
  • Trello can be used as a Kanban tool to structure decisions
  • Listen to what your users say (through chat), learn their words
  • Try screen sharing with your users, see how they use the site

Power of Persuasion: Wat neuromarketeers en sociaal psychologen van elkaar kunnen leren. (Dirk Franssens)

Dirk Franssens


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Key takeaways:
  • Decision making is both rational and emotional
  • The first system is emotional and fast
  • The second system is rational and slow
  • fMRI scans can help analyze buying behavior
  • For maximum results you’ll need to address both systems

Pricing and the Mind – Checkout Optimalisatie (Theo van der Zee)

Theo van der Zee


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Key takeaways:
  • People are anxious during checkouts, take away fear
  • 68% of people with items in cart will abandon checkout
  • Read this book: Don’t make me think, an amazing book
  • CTA buttons are perhaps boring, but certainly important
  • Test your prices without $ or €, dissociate from money

Interview: van beïnvloedingsprincipes naar data-analyse (Maurits Kaptein)

Maurits Kaptein


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Key takeaways:
  • There’s not just 6 Cialdini principles
  • When you’re doing CRO, you are probably using Cialdini
  • Cialdini principles can be used well to create content
  • A/B tests are well-suited to have Cialdini as source
  • Cialdini is based on successful salesmen, emulate him

Conversion 2020 (Pete Koomen)

Pete Koomen


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Key takeaways:
  • Pete started two companies before Optimizely
  • It’s easy to predict the future when looking back
  • Look at problems of today, and see solutions of future
  • Optimizely uses 130+ SaaS tool, 1 tool per 3 employees
  • A growth hacker is basically a marketer who can code


A collection of some of the most interesting tweets about the event.


A visual impression of the event, from the early keynotes to the late hours of the after-party.

Theo van der Zee

Author: Theo van der Zee

He is the founder of ConversionReview. He has been building and optimizing websites for 15+ years now, and doing so with great success.

On top of his digital skills, Theo is also a trained psychologist and frequent speaker at events around the world.